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Hello there! My name is Jeroen and I'm a UX Engineer.

A UX Engineer is a Front-End Engineer who sits on a cross-functional design team and helps facilitate collaboration between design and engineering.

I started as a freelance designer and developer, but in recent years I've focused on frontend development. This has given me a special perspective on how to approach a project and visually implement it effectively.

I'm comfortable working with different teams, including Design, Content, and Engineering, to find the right solutions and deliver high-quality products.

This helps to avoid unrealistic requirements and surprises, resulting in less frustration and better products. A solid design system is key to a smooth workflow, strong brand, and maintainable code.


Some of the following things are part of my daily workflow and some are used ocasionally. And some I forgot to add.

HTMLCSSJavaScriptDesign SystemsReactTailwindCSSNext.jsAstroEleventySCSSPrismaFramer MotionRubyView ComponentsStimulusFigmaAdobe Photoshop

Things I do when I'm not coding

I enjoy life off screen, doing photography (you can check my Instagram), playing music or hiking and climbing.

Coded for


I wanted to focus on JavaScript, lately. Trying to make a couple of side projects with Next.js, Prisma and tRPC.

Had to find ways to disconnect so started to read fiction books again and playing videogames on the Steam Deck. Damn, amazing piece of technology. Kudos to Valve to make it so easy to tinker with it.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, just drop me a line in any social media or just...


Some unnecessary information just to make me look more human.


Band of BrothersThe MartianRemote


Final Fantasy XCyberpunk 2077Dave the Diver


The places where I lived and the ones I visited. It ain't much but it's honest work.