Hi! My name is Jeroen and I'm a UX EngineerA what?.

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A UX Engineer is a Front-End Engineer who sits on a cross-functional design team and helps facilitate collaboration between design and engineering.

— Emma Wedekind, What Is A UX Engineer?

What do I do


Design to code. Translate beautiful landing pages and UIs to clean, maintainable and reusable code, with a pixel-perfect attention to detail.

Design systems

Creation of a Design System from scratch with the best practices and optimal adoption, working with Design and Engineering teams.

Email coding

Responsive and cross-client marketing and product emails. Built with proper templating and developing the right tooling for each situation.

About me

What can I do for you

I started as a freelance doing both design and code, yet the last years I focused my career in the latest. That gave me a special point of view and understanding of how a concept or idea should be implemented from its inception to the final delivery to the end user.

What's the right approach. Which are the right tools. How you can make the best out of a project in terms of development so you don't end up with an unmaintainable nightmare in the future. A solid foundation with a proper Design System will help your day to day workflow, reducing time and effort, and assuring a cohesive and visually strong brand and look and feel.

And to achieve that I'm comfortable working with different stakeholders, from Design and Content teams to the Engineering ones, speaking their languages and finding the right solutions, and since I'm a frontend developer I can write the code myself. No more crazy requirements that ultimately can't be delivered. Less surprises equals less frustration and better products.

Things I do when I'm not coding

I enjoy life off screen, doing photography (you can check my Instagram), playing music or hiking and climbing.

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